Ellen Nickles

Gotcha! Sincere Competitive Chitchat

Social party game 2019

This is an easy-to-learn party game. The goal is to sneak secret words into the conversation without getting caught. You win points by hiding randomly-drawn words in your stories or by catching your fellow opponents in the act. It’s like an icebreaker game but with a disingenuous twist. Just talk naturally, and don’t let others catch you saying your words.

The logo of the game, Gotcha!, with the word, gotcha!
Four people sitting around a table at a bar and playing the game. One person is smiling and reaching across the table to give another smiling player a card.
Four people sitting around two small tables at a bar playing the game. One person reaches for a card on a table. Two players are laughing and pointing at this person.
Three laughing people playing the game around a table in a bar.